Dear Authors and Publishers,

I am happy to consider reviewing your non-fiction book on Words With Jennifer. Indie-published books are welcome, if they have been professionally edited. {Yes, you need an editor. I understand editing is expensive but editing is not the place to cut costs. If you don't have an editor, try Joanna Penn's list of recommended editors.}

I recognize that a lot of hard work and vulnerability goes into writing a book so if I don't like your book or think it's not a good fit for Words With Jennifer, I simply won't review it. I have no interest in writing negative reviews. At the same time, books are subjective. Even if I don't like a book, I may still recommended it if I think it will be helpful to some readers. You can see an example of books that I wouldn't buy myself, but felt comfortable recommending here and here.

You can contact me here and we can discuss your book.