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Welcome to my blog. I talk about books, books, and more books. My goal is to help you find something you want to read.

Why I Created Words With Jennifer

Why I Created Words With Jennifer

In Tim Ferriss’ book, Tools of Titans, there’s an interview with Peter Diamandis and Peter says, “If I asked you to spend $1 billion improving the world, solving a problem, what would you pursue?” 

My immediate answer: I’d do something to support the arts, specifically authors. I love books and I love writers. Books are my way to escape and also the way I learn. If I have a problem to solve, I look to books to show me how to solve the problem.

I have been a voracious reader since my middle school years. And I am so grateful for the fiction writers who sit at the keyboard day after day and bring us into new worlds. Or safe places to imagine “What if?”—What if I survive a plane crash on a deserted mountaintop? What I stumble upon a political conspiracy? What if I learn my husband is living a double life?

I’m equally thankful for the nonfiction authors who research and interview and obsess over word choice so I can learn how to Get Things Done or Makeover My Money or dive into Deep Work, cook Beef Bourgeois, buy Real Food, or Simply Clean my house.

Alas, I don’t have $1 billion to spend to support starving writers,  so I had to think of something else to do. That led me to start Words With Jennifer, to talk about books and the ideas that come from reading them. And hopefully, in my small way, create a little more exposure for authors.

Right now, you may be thinking, “That’s great that you want to help writers, Jennifer, but I’m not a writer so what’s in it for me?”

Words With Jennifer || Behind the Scenes

Well, I want to read and write about books that solve problems for women like me. Women who want to be more productive because they have big dreams. Women who want to create warm, comfortable homes for their families but not spend endless hours on housekeeping. Women who want to feed healthy meals to their loved ones but hate cooking. Women who want to build friendships and community but struggle to put themselves out there. Women who want to take their hobby and grow it into a business but aren’t sure how. Women who manage the day-to-day budget but worry about planning for retirement. Women who want to design their lives with intention but don’t know how to start.

There are books that address all these struggles and more. But you can’t possibly read all of them (though neither can I). 

But I do read a lot, and I read fast, so my goal is to share with you the different books that will help you solve problems so you can get back to living your life. 

And I want to give you many options because one author and method may not resonate with you while a different author will approach the problem in a way that does work for you.

For example, Getting Things Done is an excellent book about getting your projects organized, but it can be a little overwhelming. If you do find it overwhelming, Zen to Done might be a better fit. It’s very similar but more streamlined.

And sometimes, I might cover more than books. I recently stumbled across a site that looks like a fantastic alternative to hiring a personal stylist. And it’s affordable! 

And what about planners? Anyone else have a thing for pretty, paper planners? Those things aren’t books, but they are tools that help us solve problems. 

So let’s grab a cup of coffee and we can discuss all the resources that help us fulfill our dreams, take care of our families, and design a life we love.

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