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Welcome to my blog. I talk about books, books, and more books. My goal is to help you find something you want to read.

Want To Read More? Here Are 2 Things You Need To Know.

Want To Read More? Here Are 2 Things You Need To Know.

Want To Read More? Here Are 2 Things You Need To Know || Words With Jennifer

There are two questions I’m frequently asked.

The first is how to read more.

The second is how to remember the things you learn.

There are two key ideas you need to understand. If you implement these two ideas, you’ll be able to read more and remember more of what you read.

Want To Read More? Here Are 2 Things You Need To Know

Know Yourself and Your Interests

First, you have to know yourself and your interests.

For example, mindfulness is a hot topic right now. There are lots of books out about the idea. That doesn’t mean you have to read about it.

If you don’t have an interest in a topic and you try to force yourself to read about it, it will take you forever to get through the book because you won’t want to read it. It won’t be something you look forward to. And it won’t be a priority. You’ll put it off and do anything other than reading the book.

If you do make it through the book, it will be difficult to retain the information you learned. If you absorbed any info at all.

I can read all day long about Elon Musk learning to build rockets. Elon’s way of educating himself fascinates me. But I don’t want to learn how to make rockets. If I tried to read about rocket building, I’d be asleep in minutes. And if I managed to stay awake, I wouldn’t remember much of it because I don’t have an interest in or a need to learn about rocket building. It would just go in one eyeball and out the other.

(Not to mention that reading something you don’t enjoy is a horrible reading experience and not one that would encourage you to read more.)

Now, you might say “Well, that’s fine, Jennifer, but sometimes you have to learn about the things that don’t interest you.

Fair point. But you can pick your guru.

Pick Who You Learn From

Let’s say you want to publish a book in order to build authority within your field. You decide to go the indie publishing route because you don’t want the hassle of finding an agent, shopping publishers, and losing creative control.

I love Joanna Penn for all things indie publishing. She is super smart, successful, and breaks down complex ideas into steps and terms I understand. I’m a huge fan.

But maybe she’s not your cup of tea. Perhaps you would rather learn from someone like Mark Dawson. He’s equally respected and qualified. He just has a different approach.

Or a third person might prefer the guys from Sterling and Stone. All these people can teach you what you need to know. It’s just a matter of finding someone whose vibe resonates with you.

If you want to learn about blogging, you could look to Ruth Soukup, Darren Rowse, or Jon Morrow. They’re all successful. They all know what they are doing and how to teach you what to do. You just need to find a teacher you enjoy.

It’s the same with books. If you don’t like one book on a subject, find another. If you find Zig Ziglar’s books on sales boring, perhaps you’d prefer Brian Tracy’s books.

If Dave Ramsey’s style of money management bothers you, there are books by Robert Kiyosaki, Vicki Robin, or Ramit Sethi.

If you’re concerned about missing out on a vital piece of information that one person might offer, it’s possible, but not likely. There really is nothing new under the sun. It’s just that different authors have different ways of explaining things.

If you can take these 2 tips and apply them to your reading, it will make a big difference in how much you read. You’ll be excited to read more because you are enjoying it and because you are enjoying the books, you’ll remember more of what you’re learning.

What’s your favorite idea for reading more?

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