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Unskippable: How Your Business Can Stand Out In a Crowded World

Unskippable: How Your Business Can Stand Out In a Crowded World

Image via Kaboompics

Image via Kaboompics

Your shoulders slump in defeat.

You’re doing competitive research again. It’s so discouraging. One of your primary competitors has undercut your pricing by 15%. And you can’t possibly lower your prices any further while staying profitable.

Your swivel your chair around to gaze out the window. But the cloud of doom hanging over your head means you don’t see a thing.

Last week a different competitor started offering free shipping—no matter the size of the order! You can’t compete there either. Your products are just too expensive to ship.

You want to weep with frustration. This business has been your dream for so long. And you make an incredible product, damn it. Your customers love it. And they love you.

But you’re struggling to compete. How do you get noticed while still making a profit? 

And new competitors are popping up all the time, crowding the marketplace. You’ve tried all the usual marketing tactics, but nothing seems to be working.

How are you supposed to stand out?

Unskippable: How To Get Your Business Noticed In a Crowded World

Getting Noticed In a Crowded World

The internet has done an excellent job of connecting us. We can visit with family across the country. We can stay connected with high school and college classmates. We can brainstorm project ideas with business partners at any time of the day. We can network with people all around the world.

Google has made information readily available. In minutes we can find a 5-ingredient recipe for chicken or learn how to change the oil in our car.

The internet and the constant connection has a lot of upsides.

But it has also led to an avalanche of emails, posts, tweets, chats, DMs, texts, articles. 

The volume threatens to overwhelm us every day.

So we skip over much of what we see.

Our tendencies to scroll by and tune out all the noise makes it difficult for a business or brand to stand out. Your message, your value is getting lost. 

How are you supposed to get people to pay attention to you?

How do you get seen?

You have to become Unskippable.

Your Journey to Becoming Unskippable™: (in your business, life & career)

Unskippable is the newest book from author and marketing expert Jim Kukral.

Jim was kind enough to send me an advance copy. As a long-time listener of the Sell More Books Show, which Jim cohosts, I know that he’s a smart guy with a ton of experience. He knows what he’s talking about.

The book is divided into three parts. Jim takes you on a journey, explaining first why it’s so easy to be skippable in today’s world, to the new rules of marketing, and finally how you can become Unskippable.

Unskippable: How Your Business Can Stand Out In a Crowded World || Words With Jennifer

Part 1—The World Has Become Skippable

A lot of information comes to us each day. We can’t keep up. And much of what we’re looking at is skippable. It’s not memorable, remarkable, or sharable. It’s not relevant, useful, or entertaining.

Stop and think about your IG account. Pick a random person or business you follow. Do you remember what their last post was about?

I’ll put myself on the hot seat. Do you remember what MY last IG post was? I do, but only because I posted it. And it did take me a minute to remember. That’s embarrassing. 

So, yes, the world has become skippable. It’s the only way to keep up.

Part 2—Understanding Today’s Consumer and Polarized World

There are 2 new concepts that you need to understand. They play a vital role in grabbing consumer attention.

The Rise of the Belief-Driven Consumer

Consumers expect brands to stand for something. They expect brands to make a difference, to play a part in solving the world’s problems.

This buyer is called a Belief-Driven Buyer. 

This person will shop with and maintain brand loyalty if they feel like your brand shares a commonality. It could be the support of a charity, a shared worldview, or something else you have in common.

“They [Consumers] feel they can affect change through consumerism, rather than relying on politicians and governments.”

They vote with their wallets and trust in business to solve problems societal problems. If you can connect with these buyers, you’ll have life-long, loyal fans.

The New Rules of Tribalism: If your brand isn’t in our tribe, we don’t trust you, or buy from you.

Consumers want community. They want to belong and be a part of something. 

“Brands provide a sense of community. Even when we’re alone, we have our brand community to feel a part of.”

Think about the t-shirts sold when a band tours. Or sports jerseys for professional sports teams. We wear them to show support. But those shirts also serve as an identifier. They show we belong to a community of fans.

So buyers are looking for brands that offer community and meaning. That’s a big opportunity for you.

Part 3—How You Can Become Unskippable

In part three, Jim offers a lot of ideas on how you can be unskippable not just in business, but in life.

Here are a few that really stuck out to me.

Unskippable people ship

I am really guilty of this. I have probably a dozen blog posts in a file on my computer. I haven’t published them because I fear they’re not good enough.

Maybe you hold back releasing a product or piece of content because it’s not perfect. You have to stop doing that. Me too!

Your work will never be perfect. No matter how skilled you become. You have to get ok with imperfection and get your work out there. 

Unskippable Brands Get Married To Their Customers

You want to attract lifetime customers.

“A lifetime customer is the holy grail we should be on a quest for. A lifetime customer means you will spend less on advertising because your customer will do it for you.”

Not only does the lifetime customer return to you again and again, but they will be your best salesperson. 

Unskippable Marketing is Human, Not Automated

Real, authentic relationships are the way communities are built. Enough said.

Unskippable Companies Know When To Pivot and Innovate

One of my personal business goals is to stay small and agile, so I can make changes as necessary.

I particularly loved this section because Jim referenced the Blackberry as an example of what happens when you don’t innovate. Remember Blackberries? I loved my Blackberry. I’m still disappointed they didn’t keep up with iPhones.

In today’s world, you must make yourself noticeable. It’s the only way to stand out in the flood of information that comes at us each day. Unskippable will be very useful to you.

Jim teaches you how to make your business or brand Unskippable. And along with all his ideas, he includes case studies so you can see how other people have successfully applied the Unskippable principles.

Best of all, in an Unskippable move, Jim offers a money-back guarantee on the book. If you buy it and don’t like it, he will refund your money. With a promise like that, you have nothing to lose.

Go grab a copy of Unskippable today. Available at Amazon and other retailers.

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