Time Management...Or a Lack Of It

Time Management || One Book Blog

I've always thought of myself as an organized person. If you were to ask me to pull any paperwork for my house or vehicles, wedding certificates, birth certificates, past bills, I would be able to do so without any problems. I'm always on time, usually early for appointments. I make lists so I don't forget things. I've got it all together on that front. 

And because that sort of thing has always come easy for me, I never thought I had a problem with time management. Right? An organized person must have good time management skills, right? Except that apparently is not true. Shocker for me.

Yes, if there is outside accountability, I'm your gal. But if I'm not accountable to anyone but myself, I find it all too easy to set aside my writing time to go do something else. Like laundry, or vacuuming, or a run to Target. It's ridiculous. I know that writers need to protect their writing time. I know that writing should not be put off. I know that writing is more important than dusting the furniture or reorganizing the kitchen cabinets. I know that all this hinges on creating content and if I don't sit down to write, I don't have content. And if I don't have content, I don't have anything. I know all this stuff.

Time Management || One Book Blog

But knowing it doesn't make it magically happen.

So my number one priority right now is to figure out each day when I'm going to write and then stick to that commitment. If I have 9-11 am blocked off for writing, then that time needs to be spent writing, not cleaning the bathroom.

And now my writing time is up, as I have to get my kids schoolwork organized for the week. That is the priority this morning. What are your time management struggles? Do you have a hard time keeping your commitment to write? How do you overcome it? I would love for you to share your ideas in the comments.

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