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Planner Review: Day Designer—The Mini

Planner Review: Day Designer—The Mini

Day Designer Daily Mini, the A5 Luxe Binder, and the Daily Flagship.

While I began the year with the Day Designer flagship, I began using the academic version of the mini daily planner in early September. The layout of the mini is just about identical to the flagship; it's just a smaller size. If you want a daily planner to carry around with you, the mini will be more portable than the flagship.

Day Designer Mini

It has an inside pocket, followed by goal setting pages and a yearly overview. 

I wish I could take better pictures (I'm learning) because that blue is just beautiful.

Day Designer Mini Inside Cover
Day Designer Mini Ideal Month
Day Designer Mini Ideal Week

As far as page layout goes, this is one of the small differences I noticed between the mini and the flagship. The is the yearly overview calendar for the mini. It is not a two page spread like in the flagship.

The Mini Yearly Calendar

The monthly calendar layout is the same.

The Mini Monthly Calendar view

The daily page has all the same sections as the flagship. The only difference is that the hourly column begins at 7:00 am and ends at 7:00 pm.

The mini daily page

The Top Three and the 4 D's (Due, Dinner, Dollars, & Don't Forget) are part of the mini page layout. If you missed my previous post about the flagship planner, I love the Top Three. It is *the* reason why I keep coming back to the Day Designer planners. Having a Top Three forces me to prioritize what gets done. It forces me to stop and think, "If nothing else gets done, what are the three things that will make the biggest difference?"

Day Designer Mini Daily Page

The picture below shows the size difference between the two planners. According to the Day Designer site, the flagship (on the bottom) is 9" wide by 9.75" tall. The mini planner (on the top) is 6.625" tall by 8.3" tall.

Size comparison of the Day Designer Flagship and Mini
The Flagship and the Mini

And the picture below gives you an idea of how the daily planner pages themselves compare. The flagship is on the bottom. The mini page is on the top. Pulling from the Day Designer site, the flagship page is 7.3" wide by 9.5" tall . The mini page is 6" wide by 8.125" tall. I have always used the flagship size and was happy with it, because I don't carry my daily planner with me. But now that I have tried the mini, I think that is the size I will purchase in the future. It takes up less room on my desk, plus it's just a more comfortable size.

Page comparison of the Day Designers

Additional comparisons—In the flagship planner, the hours run from 5:00 am-9:00 pm. In the mini, the hours are 7:00 am-7:00 pm. There are 17 lines in the To Do section of the flagship. There are 13 lines in the To Do section of the mini. In both planners the lines in the Top Three, the hourly schedule, and the To Do list are 8mm apart. (Which is plenty of room if you like to write big like me!) If you think of any questions, let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

In the next post, I will show you the Day Designer A5 Luxe Planner in Neat & Tidy Navy. Oh my gosh, the Luxe planners are gorgeous. 

You can purchase a Day Designer planner and see the different cover options, at the Day Designer website. 

Planner Review: Day Designer—A5 Luxe

Planner Review: Day Designer—A5 Luxe

Planner Review: Day Designer—The Flagship

Planner Review: Day Designer—The Flagship