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Planner Review: Day Designer—The Flagship

Planner Review: Day Designer—The Flagship

Day Designer Planner Review

While books are my very favorite thing, planners run a close second. Planners are pretty, useful, and they make me feel oh, so productive, like I am on. top. of. things. And while that feeling is an illusion, planners do help me prioritize what gets done on any given day. 

The Day Designer is my favorite of all planners but I suffer from shiny object syndrome and so I have also flirted with the Simplified Planner as well as Inkwell Press' new daily planner. However, I always come back to the Day Designer. 

The first post is on the Day Designer Flagship, which is the flagship product of the Day Designer line. This style is my favorite and it is the one that keeps me most productive. I'll show you why in a minute.

This is the planner I started with for the 2017-2018 year. They don't offer this particular cover any longer, but Day Designer has several other beautiful cover options.

Day Designer Flagship Planner

The inside front cover of the planner has a pocket where you can store additional papers.

Day Designer Inside Cover

After a letter from Whitney English, who is the creator of the Day Designer, the planner has four goal setting pages. 

Day Designer Goal Setting Pages
Day Designer Goal-Setting Pages
Day Designer Flagship—Goal-Setting Pages
Goal setting pages in the Day Designer
Goal Setting pages

After the goal setting pages there is a 2-page spread offering you an overview of the year. I love this style of calendar. It is so handy for tracking different things using color coding pens. I have used mine to track homeschool days, plan vacations, break down project steps into specific days so the project is completed on time. There are a lot of ways to use these two pages.

Day Designer 2-page yearly calendar

Next is the first monthly calendar. The yearly planners start January 1. The academic planners start June 1.

Monthly Calendar in the Day Designer Planner

To the left of the calendar is section for notes. And look at those gold tabs!

Monthly Calendar in the Day Designer Planner
Another view of the Day Designer monthly calendar

Each monthly calendar is separated by that month's daily pages. The day starts at 5:00 am and runs until 9:00 pm. You can also see that there are the four D boxes: Due, Dinner, Dollars, and Don't Forget, which are useful for tracking how much you spent, what's for dinner, etc.

Daily Page in the Day Designer Flagship Planner

Saturday and Sunday share a page. Yes, Whitney has been asked multiple times about the possibility of separating the weekend days but adding extra pages to the planner would make it too bulky.

Weekend pages in the Day Designer

Ok, this is why I keep going back to Day Designer year after year. The Top Three. When I sit down to fill out the Top Three for the next day it forces me to really consider what the day's top goals should be. And then I try (notice I use the word "try") to accomplish those things before I tackle any items under the To Do list—those tasks should be secondary. Although sometimes I use the To Do area to list additional info about the Top Three.

You'll also notice that each page has an inspirational quote at the top. (Homeschool hint—I sometimes use those quotes as copywork for my son.)

Closeup of the Day Designer Top Three

At the bottom of each daily page, there is a space for Notes and Daily Gratitude. Did you know that practicing gratitude makes you happier? This is another detail that I love about the Day Designer planners.

Bottom of the page in the Day Designer

In the next post I will take you through the Day Designer Mini Planner. It's set up like the Flagship edition, just a smaller, more portable version.

If you have any questions, let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

You can find out more about Day Designer and all their planner options here.

Planner Review: Day Designer—The Mini

Planner Review: Day Designer—The Mini

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