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Planner Review: Day Designer—A5 Luxe

Planner Review: Day Designer—A5 Luxe

Day Designer Planner Review

In addition to the coil-bound daily planners I reviewed here and here, Day Designer offers you the opportunity to customize your planner with their A5 Luxe Collection.

There are currently four A5 binder options:

  • Mindful Mint

  • Organized Orchid

  • Neat & Tidy Navy

  • White Pebble

Day Designer A5 Binder

 This is my Neat & Tidy Navy binder with the Starter Insert Pack that comes in each binder.

Day Designer A5

I love the gold rings. I've had this planner for about a year and the rings are still in excellent condition. 

Day Designer A5 interior

This is a zippered pocket as well as card holders.

Day Designer A5 inserts

(The pen is part of the Day Designer for Blue Sky collection.)

Day Designer A5 month beginning

Each month is covered over four pages. The month opens with an opportunity to write down your goals for the upcoming month. Whitney English, creator of the Day Designer, calls them HEART goals.

  • Help Yourself

  • Everyone Else

  • Attitude & Academics

  • Resources

  • Trade & Career

Day Designer A5 monthly spread

Turn over the goals page and you have the monthly layout. It is the same layout as in the Flagship and Mini planners.

Day Designer A5 monthly on 2 pages

You'll notice the weekend days are lightly shaded to differentiate from the weekdays.

Day Designer A5 month in review

At the end of the month is an opportunity for you to review the month. You can make note of what went well that month, your memories, and things that you want to do differently in the coming months.

Day Designer A5 daily page

This is the undated daily page that comes with each Starter Insert Pack. (If you prefer, Day Designer does offer dated A5 inserts.) The layout is a bit different from the layout in the flagship and the mini planners. 

Day Designer A5

There is a spot for your Top Three, my favorite part of the Day Designer planner and the reason I keep purchasing their planners. Having the Top Three is a daily reminder to focus on the tasks that are *most important*, the tasks that will be most valuable to me or to my family. 

The column on the right serves the same purpose as the 4 D's in the bound planners. 

  • The heart with a rhythm strip is for exercise.

  • The dinner bell is for dinner.

  • The calendar is to remind you what is due that day.

  • The dollar is to track expenses.

  • The exclamation point is "Don't forget."

Daily Page in an A5 Day Designer

The hourly column on the A5 inserts runs from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. To match, there are 16 lines under the To Do column.

A5 Planner layout

At the bottom of the page, there is a section for you to plan or to track all the day's meals and snacks. You can also track your water intake. And the heart is the area for you to write your daily gratitude. If you haven't read my other Day Designer posts, practicing daily gratitude can make you happier and healthier.

Day Designer To Do List

The starter pack for the A5 includes several pages of the Big To Do List.

Day Designer Expenses page

There are pages to track your expenses.

Day Designer Notes page

There are lined Notes pages.

Day Designer Grid page

There are dot grid pages.

A5 Divider

The starter pack inserts come with the purchase of an A5 binder. But if you already have an A5 planner that you love, you do have the option of purchasing an individual starter pack. There are two starter pack options. One pack has blue and green tabbed dividers. The other pack comes with dividers that are shades of red and pink.

Day Designer page comparisons

Here are all three pages laid out together. The largest is from the flagship planner. The middle one is from the mini planner. And the page on top is the A5 daily page. You can see there is not much difference between the size of the mini planner page and the A5 planner page.

The other difference between the planner pages is the weight of the paper. The A5 insert paper is thicker than the Flagship & Mini paper. The A5 paper is 120 gsm and the Flagship and mini paper is 90 gsm. If you are curious about paper weights (as in lbs and gsm), this is my go-to page for comparisons.

I love how the A5 is so customizable. While you could use it as laid out above, there are a few other insert options available for the A5 Luxe planners. You could also use any number of printable inserts from Etsy. My favorite shop (and one whose printables go nicely with the Day Designer esthetic) is the Peanuts Planner Co. 

To purchase an A5 Luxe Planner or to see the other planner options at Day Designer, visit their website.

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