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Who Else Wants To Create Work That Lasts?

Who Else Wants To Create Work That Lasts?

We all want to create work that lasts. Work that stands out and gets noticed. Work that’s read, shared, talked about, and purchased. But there is a lot of noise out there. How do you get noticed? And how do you ensure that your work keeps selling? That people come back to you again and again? That buyers become part of your 1000 True Fans?

You read Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday. The Art of Making and Marketing Work That Lasts

Book Review: Perennial Seller || Words With Jennifer

Perennial Seller will guide you through the creative process, through the marketing of your work, and through the building of a platform for continued success.

There’s a four-part process to being a Perennial Seller. First you’ll need to create your work. The Perennial Seller will guide you past the stumbling blocks you’ll face and show you the mindset you’ll need to develop in order to get your product finished. Whether you are writing a book, a song, creating a painting, a course for your business, building a piece of furniture or a birdhouse that you will sell, the principles in Perennial Seller can be applied to any kind of creative work or craftsmanship.

After you create your work there is the positioning phase. It’s not enough to finish the product, you have to edit it, polish it, make it the best you can, so that when you start marketing your product shines and stands out from all the others in the market. The positioning phase is an essential step in the process—one you cannot skip.

Holiday says about positioning, “We have to take this thing that means so much to us and make sure that it is primed to mean something to other people too for generations to come. That it will stand out among a crowded field of other creators sincerely attempting to do the exact same thing. That it will be the best that is capable of being and that the audience it is intended for is primed to love it.”

How will you know that you’ve done the best job positioning your work? The book has various exercises and questions to ask yourself about your project, questions that encourage you to really think about your work and who it’s meant for. I particularly like the One Sentence, One Paragraph, One Page exercise. That exercise alone is worth the cost of the book because it gives you such clarity about your work.

Part III of Perennial Seller is marketing. And this is something you HAVE to do. It’s how your work gets in front of people so they can buy it—which enables you to pay for housing and eat.

Marketing is not about posting to Facebook 3 times a day and using Twitter and Instagram—after all, who knows if Facebook will be around in 30 years. Instead Perennial Seller gives you timeless, overarching ideas that can be tailored to your specific situation. Again, you can use this book whatever your entrepreneurial endeavor.

The last part of the perennial seller process is about building your platform. You need a platform for continued growth beyond your initial launch. If you have a platform you have a direct line to your fans. You can communicate with them whenever you want. You can build a relationship, talk about your projects, let them know when you have new products, all without going through a middleman.

“To do our work without a platform is be at the mercy of other people’s permission. Someone else must find us, someone else must give us the green light, someone else must choose to let us make our work.”

You want to do everything you can to set yourself—and your work—up for success. You want to reach people, not just now, but for years to come. You want people to know you, trust you, and come back for your work again and again. So go purchase your copy of Perennial Seller so you can get started building a body of work that will last.

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