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How To Take Free Classes From Creative Live

How To Take Free Classes From Creative Live

Creative Live is a provider of online classes. Top experts teach you about photography, money, adobe illustrator, web design, crafting, and more. There are over 1500 classes available and more than 650 instructors. Some include Tim Ferris, Mel Roberts, and my personal favorite, Tara Gentile.

Take free classes from Creative Live. Here’s how.

We live in an amazing time. Online classes allow you the convenience of learning from experts while staying at home in your PJs. I’ve done classes through Creative Live on goal-setting, business-building, and writing, and there are many more on my wish list.

Of course, if you are working on a limited budget, and who isn’t, the cost of learning can add up quickly. Fortunately Creative Live offers one free class each day via the app available in the Apple app store. At this time, there is no Android app available.

I was excited to hear about this because who doesn’t love free. But, the first time I tried to watch a free class, I had trouble figuring out how to do so. There’s no “click here for the free class” button or something equally obvious. So I thought this post might be helpful to you.

Login or sign up with creative live

To start, go to creativelive.com and log in or sign up.

Use the search button to find classes

Once you log in, click on the magnifying glass at the bottom, right-hand side.

find a class to take from Creative live

Now you have a couple of options. You can use the search box if you are looking for a specific class, instructor, or topic. Just enter it into the search bar.

If you are browsing to see what’s available, you can click on one of the options under Explore Channels.

Or you can follow a Learning Path, which will show you a series of classes that work together.

Create a Marketing Plan & grow Your Standout business available at creative live

For this example, I typed “business” into the search bar and got a long list of the various business-related classes that Creative Live has to offer.

Creative live and Build a Stand-Out Business with Tara Gentile

To illustrate, I choose “Build a Stand-Out Business” with Tara Gentile because I love Tara’s classes. She’s got a great energy, and she has a gift for teaching.

Try a free lesson with Creative Live

Now, you’ll notice that CL offers a couple of lessons in the class for free. This gives you the opportunity to check out the class and the instructor to determine if the class is a good fit for you. The number of free lessons varies from class to class. Some have 2 free lessons, some have 1.

But if you want to watch all the lessons you have to buy the class. Or, you can watch one lesson, per day, for free via the Creative Live app.

You can also preview the lessons that creative live offers

To watch your free class, click “play” on the first lesson. It will give you a 30-second preview. Let the preview play.

This is how to watch one free lesson each day on creative live

When the 30-second preview finishes, this screen will pop up asking if this particular lesson is the free lesson you want for the day. If so, click “Yes! Continue Watching” and you’ll be able to watch the entire lesson for free.

You can watch one lesson for free each day. By doing so, you can work through a 20 lesson class in less than a month. In the classes I’ve taken, some lessons are 20 minutes long, some are 5 minutes long, and some are 45 minutes long. It seems to depend on where the editors can create a natural start/stop point.

If you happen to catch it and have an entire day available, you can also watch for free as they are filming the class. You’ll find these classes under “Upcoming Free Classes.” I haven’t used this option myself because I don’t have the patience or the availability to spend an entire day watching a class in one sitting.

There are benefits to purchasing the class outright. You can watch multiple lessons in one day. You can download the lessons to watch while you are on the go. You’ll have access to the class forever. You also get exclusive content, usually in the form of a downloadable pdf that might enhance the class experience but is not necessary. In fact, I don’t think I’ve used the worksheets I gotten with the classes I’ve purchased. I prefer to take my own notes as I'm watching.

So give Creative Live a try. It won’t cost you anything to watch a lesson or two and see what new things you can learn to benefit your professional life. If you decide to purchase a class, you can use my referral link to get $15 off the purchase price. Just click here.

And Creative Live is also part of the Ebates program. So if you purchase your Creative Live class through your Ebates link, you’ll earn a percentage back. Doesn’t Creative Live just get better and better? (If you’re not a member of Ebates, you can learn more here.)

Have you taken a Creative Live class? If so, which one? I would love suggestions to add to my wish list.

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