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Welcome to my blog. I talk about books, books, and more books. My goal is to help you find something you want to read.

How To Get The Most Benefit From Words With Jennifer

How To Get The Most Benefit From Words With Jennifer

Hey y’all! Here are some tips to help you get the most benefit from Words With Jennifer.

Most of the things I write will fall into one of 5 categories.


Topics for Words With Jennifer

Simply click on one of the categories and it will show you all the posts that I’ve written on that topic.

Home covers things like cooking, cleaning, organizing, meal planning, time management, decorating, parenting, education, relationships. 

Business includes leadership, entrepreneurship, time management, productivity, sales, marketing, social media, personal development, and the like.

Money is financial planning, money management, budgeting, saving, retirement planning, economics, income streams, anything to do with finance and money.

Beauty and Style include books and resources related to fashion, makeup, and hair.

Health and Fitness cover all things related to… health and fitness. Exercise, nutrition, healthcare. 

Tag cloud for Words With Jennifer

To get more specific, scroll down to the very bottom of any page on my blog. Just click on a word in the tag cloud to see all of the posts in that category.

You can also use the search bar at the bottom of the page to search for specific books or terms.

I love books. I love learning. I love research. Books are my go-to resource when I have a question or something new to learn. And because I read a lot every day and I read relatively quickly, I go through a lot of books. My goal is to share those books with you so you can benefit by finding ways to build your business, run your home, spruce up your wardrobe, and lots of other ideas.

Reading Wrap-up July 2018

Reading Wrap-up July 2018

My favorite podcasts—Or how to increase your workout time

My favorite podcasts—Or how to increase your workout time