Book Review: How To Get Dressed

By: Alison Freer

Reader Problem: You want to learn how to dress like you have your very own wardrobe stylist.

Author Solution: How To Get Dressed by Alison Freer, a costume designer with years of experience making Hollywood actors look amazing.

Book Review: How To Get Dressed || One Book Blog

How To Get Dressed is a book that will help with all your clothing needs.

It begins with an intro and then there are 13 chapters that cover everything from finding your style, to how clothing should fit, what is worth altering, and how to find a good tailor, and how to care for the clothes that make you look and feel great. Freer also offers advice about shopping in vintage and thrift stores and even includes a chapter for men. She also shares a list of the tools she suggests we have at the ready in the event we ever have to deal with a wardrobe malfunction.

Along the way, she tells stories of how she dresses TV and movie actors and how she achieves the flawless look we mere mortals lust after. And Alison even learns a thing or two from them. There's an actor (no, she doesn't name names) who taught Alison how to use adhesive spray to prevent yellow underarm wetness stains on shirts. 

Most useful chapter: Chapter 2. On fit. If an article of clothing fits well, then it's going to look great. "...when you find something that fits your body and performs the action you want it to, nobody notices whether it's technically 'in' or 'out'. They just think you look great—all the time..."

How To Get Dressed: A Costume Designer's Secrets for Making Your Clothes Look, Fit, and Feel Amazing is available at Amazon, on iBooks, on Kobo, and Nook.