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Book Review: How ADHD Affects Home Organization

Book Review: How ADHD Affects Home Organization

Title: How ADHD Affects Home Organization: Understanding the Role of the 8 Key Executive Functions of the Mind

By: Lisa Woodruff

Problem: Home organization is an area where you struggle due to ADHD.

Solution: Lisa's book, How ADHD Affects Home Organization

Book Review: How ADHD Affects Home Organization || One Book Blog

Let me say up front that I don't have ADHD so I don't know what it is like to struggle with ADHD. But I have been following Lisa Woodruff for over a year and a half now and trust that *she* understands the struggles. Lisa is a professional organizer, podcaster, and offers numerous products designed to help us get organized.

How ADHD Affects Home Organization has 3 parts. The first section is called "ADHD and the 8 Executive Functions." Here Lisa talks about what ADHD is and what the 8 executive functions are.

Part 2 is "How Each Executive Function Affects Home Organization." Here she defines the executive function and what effect that function has on home organization. She includes specific action steps you can take that relate to home organization.

Part 3 talks about different resources that can make organization with ADHD a little easier.

Throughout the book Lisa includes a list of podcast episodes that relate to the subject she is writing about. If you have never listened to her podcast, I encourage you to go do so now. She creates an atmosphere that is friendly, upbeat, entertaining, and informative. Her Organize 365 podcast is one of my favorites each week. 

As I mentioned, I don't have ADHD but I still took away several insights from the book.

1. Lisa says we need to "create structure and use it. Whether the structure is imposed by somebody else or self-imposed, you need structure to get through your day." Lack of structure is something I do struggle with so this was a nice reminder that I need to create the structure for myself. No one else can do it for me and we all need structure "to get through" our days.

2. She also says to "Find someone you like. Start their program and finish it." Chasing the new, shiny things is another struggle of mine. I'm always convinced that the new thing will work better than the prior thing. No. Nothing works is you don't stick with it.

You can find How ADHD Affects Home Organization at Amazon. And you can find out more about Lisa at www.organize365.com.

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