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One Book Blog has been up for 10 months now so I have a better idea of the posts that will be most helpful to you. I want to take the common problems we all face, the ones that keep us up at night (money, time, relationships, starting a business, running a household) and bring you the books or products that will help you solve those problems so you can get back to living your life. And putting out the other fires that inevitably crop up.

I'm going to spend the next two weeks creating content and ironing out the process so the blog posts do a better job of helping you.

I will be back with regular posts the week of November 27. In the meantime, have a great Thanksgiving!

Book Review: The Daily Question

The Daily Question: My 5-Year Spiritual Journal

Book Review: The Daily Question || Words With Jennifer

The Daily Question: My 5-Year Spiritual Journal is exactly what is says. Every day, there is a new question for you to answer. It’s a 5-year journal so every year you will answer the same question, on the same page but for a different year. For example, one of the questions is “The most unusual thing about today was__________.” So you’ll have an answer for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. It will be interesting to see the different answers each year brings because it’s unlikely that your answer will be the same year-to-year. At least for a question like the above.

Book Review: The Daily Question || One Book Blog

One of the things I love about these types of journals is that it removes the pressure to write a lengthy entry. If you give me a blank journal, I feel like I have to fill at least one page, if not more. There are only four lines for each year in this  journal so it allows you to keep it short, keep is simple, but still capture your thoughts.

While it is a spiritual journal not all the questions have to do with religion. Some examples are, “What are you afraid of?” and “If you were to write a book, what would it be about?” 

Another thing I appreciate about this journal is that it gives you space to question God. While some questions are positive like, “What aspect of God brought you hope today?” there are also multiple questions such as “What frustrates you about the Bible?”, “The last time I felt angry with God was______________.”, “Do you believe God is good? Why or why not?” I think allowing for this kind of dialogue will be welcome among those who may struggle with some aspect of their faith. However, those who are more devout may not like these sorts of questions.

I don't think the journal would work for any religion outside of Christianity. Of course, everyone is different, but there are many references to God (with a capital G) so I think it would be difficult to overlook those.

The physical format: The journal is about 6 1/4 inches tall and 4 1/4 inches wide and about 1 1/4 inches thick, so it’s easy to carry with you and won’t take up much desk space. The pages are smooth and thick and I had no bleed-through or shadowing with my Pilot G2 ink.  They are great for journaling. 

It's a beautiful book and I love gold foil, the colors, and the design. I love the idea of the 5 year journals because I think it's really interesting to see how your answers change from year to year. I have to be honest, though, and say that I don't know if I would purchase this for myself. But I can see giving it as a gift.

*I received a copy of The Daily Question from Blogging For Books in exchange for this review.*

Book Review: The Naturalist's Notebook

The Naturalist's Notebook: An Observation Guide and 5-Year Calendar-Journal for Tracking Changes in The Natural World Around You

By: Nathaniel Wheelwright & Bernd Heinrich

Book Review: The Naturalist's Notebook || Words With Jennifer
Reader Problem

You are interested in natural history and want a beautiful journal to record your observations.

Or perhaps you are looking for a Christmas gift for a nature lover.

Author Solution

The Naturalist’s Notebook: An Observation Guide and 5-Year Calendar-Journal for Tracking Changes in the Natural World Around You

Book Review: The Naturalist's Notebook || Words With Jennifer

The Naturalist’s Notebook is divided into two parts. The first part is made up of six chapters that explain the importance of attention to detail, being observant, and how you can develop these skills.

  • Chapter One: Being Attentive
  • Chapter Two: How to Become an Observant Naturalist I
  • Chapter Three: How to Become an Observant Naturalist II
  • Chapter Four: A Naturalist’s Toolbox
  • Chapter Five: Simple Experiments As a Way of Learning
  • Chapter Six: Knowing Nature Where You Are

Have no fears if you lack experience. The authors walk you through the process of recording your observations. It doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you are just starting out. You can make small notations about the birds in your backyard, the leaves on your trees, the insects you see as you walk through your neighborhood. You don’t have to put on hiking boots and head out to the nearest trail. You don’t have to spend the night in a sleeping bag, in the wilderness, without wifi. Just start in your backyard, your terrace, your neighborhood park. Keep it simple. Then as you gain experience you might enjoy conducting experiments or sharing your findings with others on websites such as eBird or iNaturalist.

Book Review: The Naturalist's Notebook || Words With Jennifer

The illustrations in The Naturalist’s Notebook are beautiful, with inspiring detail. Don’t be discouraged by those sketches. I don’t draw. At all. But I can make notes. And maybe at some point over the life of the five-year journal, I’ll learn some artistic skills. But if not, that’s ok. The point isn’t to create a “beautiful” piece of work, but to immerse yourself, even briefly, in the outdoors. Reap the benefits of spending time in nature. (You can read more about the benefits of nature here & here.)

Book Review: The Naturalist's Notebook || Words With Jennifer

The second part of the book is the journal itself. The month and date run across the top and the years run down the side. It’s a five year journal so you will be able to compare what is happening from year to year. The pages are smooth, a strong weight, perfect for journaling and a pleasure to write on. 

The Naturalist's Notebook would be a quality keepsake gift for a nature lover or for yourself.

The Naturalist's Notebook is available at Amazon.

*I requested a review copy and the publisher was kind enough to send me one. I was under no obligation to review this book on One Book Blog.*